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I know that like me you are interested in the go language and want to keep in touch with all the new developments and technologies that are being created, ported and talked about in our community.

In order to stay current, I am reading dozens of articles each and everyday, there is so much good information out there.
Unfortunately sometimes it is buried in a mound of other articles that are less interesting.

Since I read all those articles from multiple aggregators each day I decided to help you sort out the more interesting articles.
If you register to me email list I will send you a quick email each time I have at least 3 articles of note that I think you might be interested in.

I hope you enjoy the emails but you always will also have the choice to opt-out but I hope you won’t want to.

** Please note that I am just starting this to see if there is interest - as soon as I get 50 or more subscribers I will start sending out the newsletter thanks for your understanding and the slight delay in maybe coming online.

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