Writing a Text Adventure Game in Go - Part 2

<<< Part 1: Location and Movement Part 3: Items and Treasure >>> Intro (Combat) Welcome back to part 2 of Writing a Text Adventure in Go. Last time we saw how to create a world and have the player navigate in that world. Additionally we had events fire based on chance and affect the players as he progressed thru the world. Those events were what I am going to call passive events since the player had no way of influencing the outcome of those events. Read On →

Writing a Text Adventure Game in Go - Part 1

Part 2: Combat >>> Intro (Location and Movement) So I have always liked coding games. I started many years ago on the Amiga computer a friend and I coded a small turn based space conquest game that we called Cosmic Conquest and it was a blast. Since that time I have not had serious time to put into games but when I picked up Go I figured it would be a nice way to learn the language and do something fun. Read On →

Angular UI for Simple Go Chat

After reading Allan’s article http://www.amaxwellblair.com/posts/simple_chat_app_using_go, I just wanted to put a simple UI on that so that iI could test using it as multiple users. So I created a simple AngularJS app that uses Allan’s very efficient long polling chat application. The code can be used/forked or whatever from github - https://github.com/p4tin/simplegochat. If you want to try it, clone the repo and start chit-chat.go with the command go run chit-chat. Read On →

AWS in GO (Part 1 - SNS)

AWS Series In the next 3-5 articles I will talk about creating and deploying gocode that uses or talks to the Amazon cloud services. I believe that AWS is the top of the line cloud services and so I have made that the top topic of my first few gocodecloud posts. Please share your thoughts with me about these posts on Facebook or twitter. Publish to SNS With Golang Many times in the course of writing code we need to send async messages either to other applications or other parts of our application. Read On →